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Our goal is simple: To make beautiful cheese from the highest quality local milk. Both our cows and goats milks are sourced from a single small organic farm in the Kiewa Valley, traditional dairy country amongst the most sustainable in Australia due to its high rainfall and quality soil. Single source milk means minimal processing and maximum freshness for us – attributes fundamental to producing quality cheese.


Our cheeses are manufactured by hand using traditional methods then matured in our cellars. Like all fermented foods, cheese is a living thing and, as such, our focus is on providing environments where specific microbes can create desirable flavors and textures.


Our cheeses are made with passion. We hope you enjoy them!


A delicate surface ripened goat's cheese with a thin rind and a creamy interior. Cloudlets' flavor is light milky and sweet. Well complimented by a Riesling.

‘Cloudlets’ are the name given to the individual tufts of cirrocululus clouds which appear as little cotton balls floating the sky. Forming at very high altitudes, they are generally an indication of fair weather – a welcome sight in the high country!


Made with rich organic Normande cows milk, Razorback is a surface ripened cheese that is brine washed over the course of it's aging, assisting it to ripen from the outside towards the interior. When fully ripe it exhibits an intense aroma, luscious mouth-feel and flavors reminiscent of cured meats.  Pair with a chardonnay or a rich malty beer.

The Razorback is a ridge that links Mt Feathertop and the Mt Hotham Ski Resort. Narrow and steep, it is distinct from many of the other more rounded peaks in the Victorian Alps and affords spectacular views across nearby mountain ranges and valleys. If you haven’t walked it, put it on your list!

bon accord.JPG
Bon Accord

Thinly rinded cow's milk white mould, its texture is fudge like at the interior and oozing closer to to the rind. Made with organic Normande milk its flavor is of root vegetables. Pairs superbly with crisp, fresh fruit, such as locally grown apples or persimmons. A dry white such as a Pinot Gris will highlight the earthiness of the cheese along with its sublime textures.

Prior to the construction of the Great Alpine Road, the Bon Accord Spur was the route taken by walkers, horseriders and pack horses to Mt Hotham. Once also the name of a long burnt out hut, the remains of which lie about 9.5km from the start of the track, the Bon Accord Spur is today used by walkers to reach Mt Hotham or to join up with other popular tracks such as the Razorback and Bungalow Spur.


Mould ripened goats milk cheese dusted in grapevine ash. Monolith's dense, mildy acidic interior gives way to slightly more complex flavors and a creamy texture towards the rind. A Sauvignon Blanc makes an ideal pairing. 

The Monolith is the name given to the giant balancing rock that towers above Lake Catani, near the summit of Mount Buffalo. Set amongst a landscape of other boulders and, in summer and late spring a colorful array of native wildflowers, it is one of the most photographed places in the Victorian High Country.

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Semi hard organic Normande cows milk Tomme. At once both sweet and savory with a very aromatic rind and a rich creamy texture. Mountaineer is a full flavoured table cheese made in the  style of traditional alpine cheeses of the French and Swiss Alps. Sparkling wines make an ideal pairing.


Smoko is a Raclette style cheese that is wood smoked in house at the completion of its aging. Made with organic Normande cows milk it is made to be melted. 

Smoko is the name of a small locality just outside of Bright which was once a popular cigerette break stop off point for gold miners on their way to the gold fields 

About Us

The Peaks Artisan Cheesemakers are Luke Armstrong and Vanessa Lipscombe. Upon completing his university studies in ecology, Luke took a job in an Italian cheese shop. This environment piqued his interest in cheese, eventually leading him to cheesemaking. A teacher by trade, Vanessa has always had a passion for food, particularly cheese. Together we make and mature The Peaks Artisan Cheesemakers full range of cheeses.

Where to Purchase

We currently attend the following Farmers Markets

1st Saturday of the month

  • Beechworth Farmers Market, Beechworth, Victoria

2nd Saturday of the month

  • Wangaratta Farmers Market, Wangaratta, Victoria

3rd Saturday of the month

  • Bright Make it, Bake it, Grow it Market, Bright, Victoria

4th Saturday of the month

  • Myrtleford Farmers Market, Myrtleford, Victoria

  • Slow Food Melbourne Farmers Market, Spotswood, Victoria

Our cheeses are also featured on the menu of select Restaurants and Winery Cellar Doors  throughout northeast Victoria as well as specialty cheese retailers in Melbourne

Farmers Markets
Our Cellar Door

As of December 2021 we now have our very own Cellar Door and Petite Providore!


Shop 5, 4 Ireland Street, Bright (in the alley next to Dumu cafe)


Wednesday 10.30-5

Thursday 10.30-5

Friday 10.30-5

Saturday 2-5

Sunday 10.30-5

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